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General Information

Last updated Sept 2020

These College Board tests are important for students. We want to offer students, and educate students about, opportunities to take these exams as they become available. Students and parents can contact counselors or the testing coordinator for information, and may also visit collegeboard.org.

The SAT School Day is being offered to any senior who is interested in taking it here at SHHS on October 14, 2020. Information will be out in mid-September about how Seniors can sign up and take advantage of this great opportunity!

AP Exams
SHHS AP 2021 Exam Information:
  • Students taking the AP course are required to take the corresponding AP exam.

  • Currently, the College Board (the organization which produces and governs these exams), plans for all exams to be traditional, full-length exams. However, they have a contingency plan if that is not possible, which they will share details about "in early 2021."

  • The cost of each exam is $95.

  • For students who meet certain criteria, such as qualifying for free or reduced meals, a discount is available by completing the required form. The amount of the discount varies from year to year, and is not confirmed until the early spring each school year.

  • Students will receive the registration form, including fee reduction information and all payment details on or around February 2, 2021, the start of the 2nd semester. The exam payment is due by March 12, 2021. Payments can always be made in installments within that time period, and receipts will be given to the student as payments are made.

  • The Spring 2021 AP Exam Schedule can be found at https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/exam-dates-and-fees. Please mark the date/s on your calendar and plan for your child to be present and on time to take the exam.

Graduation Requirement Tests - MCAP (formerly PARCC), MISA, and HSA

Students need to take and meet score requirements for standardized testing in the following content areas:

  • Algebra I MCAP

  • English 10 MCAP

  • Science MISA

  • Government HSA

For students who took these courses and were preparing to take (or re-take) the corresponding exam during the 2019-20 school year, the Maryland Department of Education (MSDE) waived the test requirement due to COVID-19 and the spring 2020 school closure.


As we begin the 2020-21 school year, teachers are committed to rigorous instruction and preparing students for all standardized exams.

Currently, the semester 1 exam administration window for these tests is in January 2021. We will continue to monitor state and local policies regarding state exam administrations and safety in order to proceed appropriately.


As more details become available about all of the exams, we will share that information. Please feel free to contact the school test coordinator, Mrs. Amy Field at alfield@worcesterk12.org.