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Science in Action

Ms. Damaris Bourland joined SHHS Science classes in late September to guide students in an exploration of "What's Under Our Skin?".  She joins us from the Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center to help develop health education initiatives for high school students and to inspire interest in health careers.  Her background is in nursing and teaching and she continues to practice health through massage therapy.

Ms. Damaris brought an exciting lab to us  where students investigated first hand the structure of muscles and muscle tissue through a vertebrate leg dissection.  Additionally, students were able to look closely at muscle structure, bone and joint formation/structure.  She was able to present to all of the current Biology classes in the department and to reach approximately 70 students all of backgrounds, abilities and interests!

We had a lot of fun and were so happy to have her back today for our lab related to aging and disease.  More pictures and information to come!  We hope to continue our partnership and have plans for additional labs and field trips in the future as well.  This was a great way to tie in real world connections and to provide a unique approach to our Next Generation Science standards.

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