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Prom 2019 Information

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Prom Announcements & Info.

Invites: ALL eligible Juniors and Seniors will be receiving Prom invitations. In order for an underclassman to attend, he/she must be the guest of a Junior/Senior.

Prom & Tickets: The dance will be held on April 27th from 8-11pm at the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Dept. Light refreshments are available at the Prom at no additional cost to students.

Ticket Cost: $30 per person [3 Course passed appetizers and family style buffet will be served]

Prom tickets will be on sale from the week of April 15th through Tuesday April 23rd. Tickets can be purchased after school from Mrs. Forrester in RM 316 or Mrs. Streebig in RM 222. DO NOT interrupt classroom instruction to purchase tickets.

***Students needing tickets after this date will be charged $35 per ticket, NO EXCEPTIONS. The last day for late ticket purchases is 4pm on April 25th.

All previous years of class dues MUST be paid prior to purchasing a Prom ticket for ANY student attending the Prom. Dues should be paid to Mrs. Widgeon. Please keep your receipt to show when purchasing your prom ticket.

Grand March & Tickets: The Grand March at 7pm in SHHS’s Auditorium is a red-carpet event for students to show off their attire and an opportunity for family, friends, and community members to come out and celebrate the evening with our school and students.

This event does not cost anything for the students who choose to participate in it, and participation is optional.

Ticket Cost: $5 per person. Due to the limited seating capacity, every individual attending will need a ticket regardless of age.

Grand March Tickets will go on sale April 15th and will remain on sale while supplies last.

***If you have any questions regarding Prom or the Grand March, Contact at or

After Prom Party: This year’s After Prom Party will be held at SHHS. The after prom is open to ANY SHHS student who is a Junior or Senior, as well as any underclassmen or visitor who is attending the Prom as the date of a SHHS Junior or Senior student. There is no cost to attend this event, but it is absolutely necessary that student’s sign-up in order to attend. Sign-ups will be held during all lunch shifts the first week in April.

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