Media Expo 2020 Winners

See the Gold Medal Entries at the Bottom of this post!

CAD/Mechanical Grades 9-12

Jacob Feldman- Gold for "Gumball Vending Machine"

Computer Programming Original Code Entertainment Grades 9-12

Brianna Odegaard- Silver for "Bri's Life"

Stephen Perotta- Gold for "East Coast Surfing"

Computer Programming Original Code Informational Grades 9-12

Mohammed Ali- Gold for "Tesla Truck Website"

On Paper Digital Artwork Digitally Manipulated Graphic Grades 9-12

Kendyl Cylc- Silver for "Don't be a two face"

Kristen Riddleberger- Silver for "Unmasked"

Rebecca Eure- Gold for "10 Years Younger"

On Paper Digital Artwork Original Single Art Piece Grades 9-12

Cincere Dennis- Silver for "Selfie Drawing"

Cincere Dennis- Gold for "Frankenstein's Lab"

On Paper Informational Graphic Text Informative Grades 9-12

Rebecca Eure- Silver for "Eye Spy..."

Kristen Riddleberger- Gold for "I Spy"

On Paper Informational Graphic Text Informative Grades 9-12

Kristen Riddleberger- Silver for "Reader Leaders Poster"

Kristen Riddleberger- GOld for "With the Fire on High Poster"

On Screen Presentation Software Grade 9-12

Brianna Odegaard, T'Nae Fitch, and Mazie Brinker- Silver for "SHHS FBLA Interest Meeting 2019-2020"

Mazie Brinker- Gold for "Sales Presentation"

On Screen Video Grades 9-12

Farhana Nawaz, Nicole Watson, Jessica Yankalunas, LaBryon Pitts, and Phillippe Redmond- Silver for "Friends Intro"

Phillippe Redmond and LaBryon Pitts- Silver for "How to Self Check-Out A Book?"

LaBryon Pitts and Phillippe Redmond- Gold for "Lost and Found at SHHS"

Through the Lens Buildings Color Grade 9-12

Lindsay Birckhead-Morton- Silver for "The Dawn"

Through the Lens Buildings Monochrome Grades 9-12

Kristen Riddleberger- Silver for "Stairs"

Through the Lens Non-Living Monochrome Grades 9-12

Melanie Sterling- Silver for "Lights"

Jerry Velasquez- Gold for "Senior Portrait"

Through the Lens Outdoors Monochrome Grades 9-12

MiAsia Timmons- Silver for "Cloud Nine"

Kristen Riddleberger- Gold for "Water in the Cliffs"

Through the Lens People Color Grades 9-12

Jacob Brown- Gold for "Baseball Balance"

Through the Lens People Monochrome Grades 9-12

MiAsia Timmons- Gold for "Veiled Beauty"

Through the Lens Plants Color Grades 9-12

Gracie West- Gold for "Reflection of Leaves and Trees"

Through the Lens/Plants/Monochrome Grades 9-12 Count

Kristen Riddleberger- Silver for "Leaves in a Puddle"

Nylah Davis- Gold for "Rocks and Leaves"

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