MCJROTC Parade Recap

We had a perfect 2018 Parade season…winning First Place in all participated parades….Pictures of our Cadets are below. Our Parade season consisted of Cadets not only participating in the MCJROTC portion of the parades, they marched with the Band first in all parades and then high-tailed it back to help complete the wins for MCJROTC!!

Pocomoke Parade—11/26/2018

First Place ROTC Marching Unit—Commanded by: Staff Sargent Chloe Goddard

Ocean City Parade—12/1/2018

First Place Marching Unit—Commanded by: First Lieutenant Justin Gentry.

We got to adopt “Davis” the Bulldog (as you know the Bulldog is the Official Mascot for the U.S. Marine Corps) as Gunnery Sargent Towns walked him with our Cadets. We were also able to “embarrass” Master Sargent Meekins and sing him Happy Birthday as he so willingly worked with us on his Birthday. (Happy Birthday Sir!)

Snow Hill Parade—Hometown Parade—12/3/2018

First Place ROTC—Commanded by: Staff Sargent Chloe Goddard

Hometown Parades mean so much, this one was no exception. We got to walk with “Davis the Bulldog” again and his sister. It was so amazing to hear “hometown” shouts from everyone while we were walking down the street. (Thanks Snow Hill!)

Berlin Parade—12/6/2018

First Place ROTC Marching Units—Commanded by: Staff Sargent Chloe Goddard

The coldest and last Parade of the 2018 season! Our Seniors definitely went out this Parade Season with a bang!