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Ms. Foskey will be set up this year during lunch shifts on the 2nd Friday of every month. The dates are listed below to give students several opportunities throughout the year to pay their class dues.

  • Friday, September 14th

  • Friday, October 5th – Extra Day

  • Friday, October 12th

  • Friday, November 9th

  • Friday, December 14th

  • Friday, January 11th

  • Friday, February 8th

  • Friday, March 8th

  • Friday, April 5th- Extra Day

  • Friday, April 12st

  • Friday, May 10th

Class dues are required to be paid before students can attend the Homecoming Dance, Prom or prior to receiving their diploma.

Freshman – Junior Dues = $15/year

Senior Dues = $20/year

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