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Coach Shawn Johnson Celebrates the Seniors

Staff, Students and Parents,

I wanted my focus to be on celebrating my Seniors on this Newsletter.

Jeffrey Ayers

The boundless energy that Jay brings often gives the entire team just the lift necessary to pull of wins that we thought were next to impossible. If you have ever heard the song, wind beneath my wings, Jay is that he flies so high and keeps us up in the air and in formation!! Love you Jay!! Coach Shawn.

Shamiaz Elsey

Shamiaz is a force to be reckoned with! I was amazed with his ability to back down some of the most highly skilled and tallest ball players in the state. And when I say, “backed down, I mean backed down”. He made the 6’9” players not only think twice about coming in the center but just make the decision to start shooting jumpers rather than face my big guy! Way to go Shamiz!! Love, Coach Shawn

Maurice Hudson

Maurice has the most analytical mind in the Bayside. He will look at the situation and dissect exactly what needs to happen and then have a sit down with me to make sure I understand what we should do. This skill will take you so far Maurice and I am a better “thinker” because of you. Love, Coach Shawn.

Curtis Blake

Curt has touched my heart in a way that will leave a long-lasting effect. The obstacles he has faced, stared down and then overcome are more than what any child should have to endure. But…Curt you did everything I asked of you and made me the proudest coach in the State of Maryland. Much Love Curt!! Coach Shawn

Zyaire Johnson

One of my greatest joys ever was hearing, “Congratulations Shawn, you are being offered the 2018-19 Head basketball coaching job.” I was ecstatic to be able to coach my own talented child in his Senior year. The bond between a coach and player is one that often last a lifetime but when you add a father/son words are hard to pull that can accurately describe what happened this year between us. Zyi, I love you with all my heart and I am proud to call you son and I pray I made you proud to call me Coach.

Thanks so much gentlemen for your dedication to the team.

Coach Shawn Johnson

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