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Back to School Reminders

​​​​​​​As we begin a new school year, it is important to review our county policies to ensure a successful school year for all. Please take time to discuss the following information with your student.

All students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior at all times. Students that receive an office referral will be excluded from Homecoming activities. This includes the football game, dance and other school-sponsored events.

Emergency Protocol for Parents

In the past, situations arose involving bomb threats in Worcester County Public schools and elsewhere. In the event of a bomb threat or any other unspecified emergency this school year, please call the county hotline for the latest, up to date information regarding the status of school closings, evacuations and procedures to be followed if parent pick-up is necessary.

The county hotline can be accessed at 410-632-5399, extension 6630. If you have any questions, please call 410-632-5270.

Attendance Policy

Good attendance is a goal for all students. Attendance is monitored daily to determine if absences are lawful or unlawful. When returning from an absence, students need to report to the attendance office before 8:07am with a written statement from a parent/guardian as to the reason for the absence. Failure to adhere to the attendance policy can result in disciplinary actions and loss of privileges.

Cell Phones, Ear Buds and Electronics

All electronics must be de-activated and out of sight at all times during the school day or during school-sponsored activities. Students may have electronic devices in their possession on school grounds:

¨ before and after school hours

¨ during after-school activities with the permission the activity’s sponsor

¨ during their designated lunch shift

Recording and posting of video is not permitted. Unauthorized use of electronics will result in confiscation. Devices will be held by administration until a parent picks them up. Students refusing to give a staff member or administrator their electronics when requested will be issued a referral for insubordination.


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