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MLA Practice Activity


Choose one source from each category below.  For print materials, locate the source in the library.  For online sources, click the link to go to the site.  You will need to find all of the necessary information to properly cite each of your three sources.  Use Microsoft Word to type a Works Cited page.  If you need help, go back to the MLA Resources page.


In-Text Citations Reference

MLA Sample Paper (from OWL)

MLA Paper Checklist (use before submitting your paper)


Books/Print Materials


The Spanish-American War


The World Trade Center Attack


Saudi Arabia


Rome: The Greatest Empire of the Ancient World



Glory (DVD)


Human Evolution Crash Course Big History #6 (YouTube)


The American Heritage High School Dictionary


Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War




Test your knowledge! 




Evaluate a research paper for correct formatting.  Click here to start.  Read over the directions provided on the site before you begin.




MLA Master Blaster Citation Game- Answer 10 questions correctly to accumulate points.  This game can be played multiple times!




MLA and APA Citation Game (University of Washington)- Click and drap the pieces of a citation to the correct location.



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