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Attendance Processes and Information

in a Virtual Learning Environment

What is “Present”

To be counted “present” a student must reply to the daily attendance discussion in Schoology with their name. At the high school level, students will need to do this for each class period. For elementary and middle school students, this will only need to be done for the student’s first scheduled teacher of the day.

Process for recording attendance

Students replying with their name to the discussion post should be marked present in PowerSchool. Students may reply with their name up to seven days after the initial date. Discussion posts will be locked after 7 days.

It is important to emphasize that attendance is not the same as the student’s grade. As per the Recovery of Learning Plan and county policy, grading will proceed as normal regardless of the in-person, hybrid, or virtual nature of the instruction.

When a student is absent:
  1. Submit parent note via email to

  2. Submit medical notes (picture of the actual note) via email to or fax to 410-632-5279.

  3. Communicate with teacher about make up work

  4. Turn in make-up work within 5 days of returning from excused absence


Attendance Process in a Virtual Learning Environment for Students

Teachers will develop learning activities that provide students with a mixture of both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Students will be considered as “Present” if they reply to the daily attendance thread in Schoology with their name. For high school students, this will need to be done for each period.

Because participation in synchronous or online activities might always not be possible for all students, a student may reply to the daily attendance thread for up to seven days and still be counted as present.

Please note that being counted present does not impact the quantity or quality of work that makes up a grade. Just as with in-person instruction, it is possible to be counted “present” but still have a grade adversely affected by missing or incomplete work.

For High School Students, the policy that more than 5 unexcused absences will result in an automatic course failure will remain in effect.

  • 1st absence 360 minutes or 6 hours of lost instruction

  • 2nd absence 720 minutes or 12 hours of lost instruction

  • 10 absences 3,060 minutes or 60 hours of lost instruction

  • 5 absences Can be excused w/a parent note per semester

  • 5 unexcused absences In one marking period results in failing grade

  • 6 unexcused absences In one semester result in failing course(s)

Tardies (per Semester)
  • 1St Lateness Free Pass

  • 2nd Lateness Warning from teacher

  • 3rd Lateness Detention from teacher

  • 4th Lateness Office Referral – Saturday School

  • 5th Lateness Office Referral – ISS

  • 6th Lateness Office Referral – ISS No extra-curricular for 30 days

  • All subsequent Lateness Office Referral – assigned home until conference, No extra-curricular for remainder of semester, referral to Truancy Court

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